The Significance of a Bench Press Arch

In some gymnasium circles, you’re not thought of a “true” lifter if no one has ever requested you, “How a lot do you bench?” This elementary train is the archetypal take a look at of higher physique energy and measurement.

But, you would possibly’ve seen this scene occur in individual or in a viral video: a powerlifter marches towards a bench press station, folds themselves like a Cirque du Soleil acrobat, and proceeds to carry a seemingly not possible weight utilizing the shortest attainable vary of movement. On the opposite facet, you see massive lifters shifting massive weights whereas mendacity on the bench as flat as a flounder.

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So, who’s proper or mistaken? Is one in all these lifters even “mistaken?” Right here’s a assessment of the advantages and dangers of performing the bench press with an arch, in addition to how and when to make use of this modified method to succeed in your objectives.

The Significance of a Bench Press Arch

Advantages of Utilizing an Arch

The bench press arch refers back to the deliberate extension and curvature of your backbone when mendacity on the flat bench. A bit arch is pure with most individuals, because it merely follows the pure curve of the backbone, which isn’t flat.

You possibly can simply spot an arch, because the decrease again of the lifter just isn’t touching the bench. If somebody has an exaggerated backbone curvature — for example, a lordosis — they’re compelled to arch. Some lifters, particularly powerlifters in competitors, attempt to amplify this curvature and have as massive an arch as attainable. Why? It has a number of advantages, particularly if you wish to get stronger.

Extra Weight Lifted

With a much bigger arch, the decrease portion of your chest is in a better place. Which means the purpose of contact with the barbell might be larger and, as such, the vary of movement might be shorter. For a similar quantity of drive produced, you may carry extra weight. If you wish to increase your bench press, then studying how you can arch is a superb approach of enhancing the effectivity of your carry.

This technique turned so efficient that some powerlifters would appear to barely make the barbell transfer quite a lot of inches and, as end result, would set unbelievable data. Many would even say it’s dishonest, ridiculous, and defeats the aim of the game.

As such, some powerlifting federations, just like the Worldwide Powerlifting Federation — the largest examined powerlifting federation on the planet — up to date their competitors guidelines to restrict arching. The purpose was to make sure that efficiency is based totally on a lifter’s energy, and never their mobility. 

Safer on the Shoulders

Your shoulders are a number of the most cell and most fragile joints in your physique. They’re put underneath a variety of stress with the bench press. Arching your again means that you can higher squeeze your shoulders blades collectively and down, and preserve them in place throughout execution of the train.

As a result of the vary of movement is shorter with an arched bench press, your elbows journey a shorter distance into the underside place and won’t go as far beneath your shoulder joint. This prevents extreme stretching in your shoulders and chest muscle groups, whereas avoiding a comparatively weaker place that may end in accidents or joint pressure. That is particularly necessary in case you have longer arms, as these results are amplified.

Extra General Stability

Arching your again makes your higher physique extra “compact” and creates extra full-body stress by strongly activating your higher again, lat, hips, and core muscle groups, in comparison with mendacity flat on the bench.

powerlifter preparing to bench press
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This fashion, you may correctly distribute the power out of your legs by way of your torso to your shoulders and into the barbell. In case your entire physique is tensed, you’ll present a extra steady floor from which to press.

It’s the identical precept that makes squatting together with your ft on the ground simpler than standing on a stability ball — you may generate extra drive with out having to stability your physique. In case your torso wiggles on the bench with every repetition, you’re certain to leak energy and reduce your charge of technical adaptation.

Extra Muscle Development

That is maybe essentially the most shocking profit, as most gymnasium veterans swear that the arched bench press ought to solely be utilized by powerlifters centered on energy, and {that a} flatter model is healthier for muscle mass. However research have proven extra again and triceps activation throughout the arched bench press. (1) That’s logical, because the lats assist arch the again, and a shorter vary of movement will put extra stress in your arms.

However what about constructing your chest? Folks have claimed that the arched bench turns the carry into some kind of decline bench press and that’s considerably true, as decrease chest activation is barely larger. However higher chest activation remained the identical, so muscle recruitment remains to be net-positive, seemingly as a result of you need to use extra weight. So general, you activate extra muscle mass and stimulate extra development. 

Dangers of Utilizing an Arch

With all these perks, arching appears too good to be true. There is likely to be some dangers, although, particularly for those who exaggerate it an excessive amount of. You can have an excessive amount of of a great factor.

Decrease Again Pressure

Your backbone is of course prolonged due to its curvature, however excessive extension will put the disks and nerves at a larger danger of damage. Certain, there’s no axial loading or shear forces, however the method will nonetheless put some stress in your decrease again, particularly for those who then use leg drive to generate full-body stress. The possibilities of accidents could also be comparatively low, however it’s best to preserve them in thoughts, particularly in case you have pre-existing again points.

powerlifter preparing to bench press
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A hernia might even doubtlessly occur, although it often happens throughout spinal flexion (bending ahead on the waist). If you have already got decrease again troubles or accidents, arching would possibly show very painful and counterproductive. In case you’re such a lifter, it’s best to chorus from utilizing a powerlifting arch and keep on with sustaining your pure arch or urgent with a flatter again, relying on which is least painful. 

Much less Muscle Mass

However, didn’t we simply say that an arched again recruits extra muscle mass? Certainly, however there’s arching and there’s arching. In case you lower the vary of movement an excessive amount of, some muscle groups might be much less stimulated. The extra a muscle is stretched, the extra it responds to coaching. (2) And if there’s virtually no stretch as a result of an especially restricted vary of movement, the stimulus might be a lot decrease. 

Utilizing some partial movements right here and there may be not an issue, however they shouldn’t make up the majority of your coaching. In case your coaching is minimalist — utilizing a restricted number of workout routines or very low quantity — it’s best to most likely abstain from utilizing a giant arch. Or, for those who do bench with an arch, be sure you’re additionally together with full-range workout routines just like the incline bench press and overhead press to actually full your coaching and fill out your physique.

Tips on how to Arch

Most individuals have already got a pure arch, that is simply how they’re constructed. If you wish to keep on with a pure arch when performing a bench press, merely squeeze your shoulders blades collectively and down, and puff your chest up and excessive. However if you wish to maximize your arch (both since you naturally don’t have one otherwise you need to carry as heavy as attainable), observe these steps.

Step 1 — Setup on the Bench

Lay down on the bench, seize the barbell, and grip the bar exterior of shoulder-width. Your eyes or eyebrows ought to be instantly consistent with the bar. Squeeze your shoulders blades collectively and down (towards your glutes) so far as attainable. Attempt to really feel your traps dig into the bench. Deal with arching your higher again as a lot as attainable, not essentially your decrease again.

Powerlifter Taylor Atwood preparing to bench press
Credit score: BarBend / YouTube

If you wish to take issues to the max and actually optimize your place, you may even put your ft on the bench whereas organising your preliminary place. This may put as a lot weight as attainable in your traps and can assist to leverage your physique into place.

Step 2 — Set Your Stance

In the event that they had been up on the bench, put your ft on the ground whereas preserving your arch. Place your ft as near your shoulders as attainable. Begin “digging” your heels backward so far as you comfortably can.

Powerlifter Taylor Atwood preparing to bench press
Credit score: BarBend / YouTube

Push your toes into the bottom “down and away” out of your physique. This decrease physique pushing movement will show you how to stop your glutes from rising off the bench.

Step 3 — Unrack the Bar, Decrease, and Press

Preserve stress by way of your ft. Unrack the barbell, with the assistance of a spotter if attainable. As soon as the bar is ready on the halfway level, simply above your chest, pause very briefly to verify correct positioning.

Person in gym doing flat bench press
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Maintain making use of full-body stress out of your traps to your toes. Decrease the barbell till it gently touches your chest. Really feel stress in your higher physique always and maintain your chest excessive. Transfer the load intentionally and cautiously as a result of the vary of movement might be lower than what chances are you’ll be used to. As you’re feeling the bar make contact, press powerfully to lockout.

Tips on how to Enhance Your Arch

The bench press is an unnatural motion in itself — mendacity on a brief platform whereas repeatedly shifting a protracted, heavy bar above your rib cage and several other important organs. Deliberately arching your higher physique throughout the train can really feel much more unnatural.

Your first makes an attempt to make use of an arch will seemingly really feel awkward and positively received’t be good. Additionally, sadly for the stiffer lifters on the market, there’s a dose of mobility concerned. Some won’t ever develop a very massive arch, however you may nonetheless enhance it following these solutions.

Dynamic Foam Rolling

Earlier than you carry, after a common warm-up, seize a foam curler and begin hammering your mid-back for a minute. This higher physique drill is essential for thoracic mobility.

Loosening your spinal erectors, operating the complete size of your again, may also assist tremendously with enhancing your arch place. Don’t overlook to additionally, rigorously, roll your decrease again. This may assist maintain your place when your decrease physique is ready and creating stress.

Knee Raises or Leg Raises

Why do you have to do a couple of units of an ab exercise earlier than benching? Nicely, these actions additionally tremendously stimulate your hips flexors. In case you carry out ab work with a full, clean vary of movement, these hip flexors will loosen. Tight hips flexors will stop you from pulling your ft into place on the ground, which can stop you from getting right into a deep arch place.

Face Pulls and Postural Workout routines

Due to the commonly sedentary fashionable way of life, most individuals are extra vulnerable to a kyphotic (rounded shoulder), caveman-style posture. This may enhance the danger of bench press accidents, but additionally stop you from adopting a terrific arch. You merely received’t be capable to open your chest as a lot.

An excellent warm-up earlier than benching could be to seize a lightweight resistance band and carry out face pulls, pull-aparts, and the over-and-back (generally intimidatingly referred to as “shoulder dislocates”). These workout routines will strengthen your rotator cuff and, extra importantly, enhance your posture which carries over to your arch.

Bench Thoracic Backbone Stretch

Stretching after your session isn’t a foul concept, however you could possibly even do some static stretching earlier than your bench. This may be particularly helpful in essentially the most excessive circumstances of unhealthy posture or mobility restrictions. There are a number of choices out there, however right here’s one of the crucial efficient.

Kneel down in entrance of a flat bench or a field. Place your elbows on the bench and bend your elbows to intention arms up within the air. Slowly lean your physique down till your head passes between, and underneath, your higher arms. Transfer so far as comfortably attainable.

To intensify the stretch, convey your arms in the direction of your traps or the again of your neck (with out urgent down). Maintain the stretch for 45 to 60 seconds.

Huge Arch for a Huge Bench

Prejudice, misinformation, and some unhealthy apples have given the bench press arch a foul rep, however there are literally many advantages. In case you can ignore the feedback you would possibly get from different lifters about “the suitable approach” to bench, give it a attempt to watch your efficiency enhance, your muscle groups develop, and your shoulder ache diminish.


  1. Alan C. Cudlip, Jacquelyn M. Maciukiewicz, Brendan L. Pinto & Clark R Dickerson (2022) Higher extremity muscle exercise and joint loading adjustments between the usual and powerlifting bench press methods, Journal of Sports activities Sciences, 40:9, 1055-1063, DOI: 10.1080/02640414.2022.2046937
  2. Alan C. Cudlip, Jacquelyn M. Maciukiewicz, Brendan L. Pinto & Clark R Dickerson (2022) Higher extremity muscle exercise and joint loading adjustments between the usual and powerlifting bench press methods, Journal of Sports activities Sciences, 40:9, 1055-1063, DOI: 10.1080/02640414.2022.2046937

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